The core enterprise of the Group Xinhai Textile (hereinafter referred to as Xinhai) has 10,000 spindles and 1,500 looms, and can produce 9,000 tons of yarns of different counts and 86 million meters of clothing fabrics of different specifications per year.

Founded in January 2015, Hebei Fannuo Commerce and Trade is subordinate to Baoding Jinshui Textile mainly deals in the wholesale and retail of textiles, knitwear, daily necessities, bedding, hardware, and electrical equipment, electromechanical equipment, plastic products, machinery parts, etc.
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In order to become bigger and stronger, Xinhai upholds the Scientific Outlook on Development, follows the strategy of expanding scale,


There are always more solutions than difficulties; and more measures than problems; nothing is impossible, and everything can be done, as long as there is an idea, preparation and action, all problems can be solved and all the goals and aspirations can be achieved.


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